Thursday, November 4, 2010

Am I the Zombie hunter I'm writing about?

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Ok, so I've written for a second day, so I guess it's official, I'm writing this thing.

Yesterday I wrote in the morning and then worked on the TV show Bones in the afternoon. I work as a "background actor" on TV shows now. And I have long said that Bones has the greatest proportion of attractive actresses on it. I am willing to up that statement after doing the show for the second time. Bones has the most attractive woman in TV working on it. Tamara, the actress that plays Cam is as beautiful in person as on TV. She is just straight out beautiful.

But I don't enjoy working background because of the attractiveness of the main actors. I work it because of the attractiveness of the background actress. For that Bones falls way behind, the show 'How I Met Your Mother', 'CSI New York' and 'Love Bites'. Those shows had so many beautiful women on it that it was just great. More on that later.

What I wrote today was the background on the world. I understand a little bit more about the story now. My experience has been that I discover the story as I write. And what this story is about is a world in the beginning stages of a world wide health issue. It is the beginning stages of a pandemic. So while world governments try to figure out how to deal with the law abiding infected, pockets of vigilantes zombie hunters have broken out in all of the major cities. And to this the governments in these areas have turned a blind eye. This is the world in which the story takes place. Interesting right? I think so.

Now about me. I couldn't sleep last night. Usually at night I spend about an hour working out the details of what I will be writing the next day. Last night I accidentally allowed my highly active mind to start focusing on why it is that this is my third novel about a desperately lonely and isolated character. I know the obvious answer to the question. But that can't be all of it, because I am also the person that wears a wedding ring on both hands. One would think that if I were really that desperately lonely character that I keep writing about, I wouldn't be making an effort to get people to look away when checking me out.

And also last night on the active mind's agenda was whether or not I am the main characters of all of my books. One character is a psychic who dies and finds himself in an unexpected afterlife. Another is a retail manager that has to deal with his mentally and verbally abusive penis. And the Third is a zombie that hunts his own kind. Could all of these characters be me? No, right? But yet in the deepest part of my heart I understand these characters. These aren't just people that I've seen or met somewhere, I know how these people act and feel. There has got to be a least a part of me in them.

Anyway, that is what kept me up last night. Hopefully I will be working tomorrow. But if I'm not, I will be writing and posting again.

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