Monday, November 22, 2010

Writing about Sex and Violence with humor

Words: 2,946
Time: 10:15 - 1:15pm
Mood: upbeat
Impression: Pretty good

I wrote a lot of words today. I basically did 2 days worth of words in one day. It's amazing how some days are painfully slow while other fly by.

I think today flew by because I was writing the first action scene in the book. I think that the action was good. Although I might have hit a new moral low as I combined sex, violence and humor into one scene.

Essentially, what happened in the story is the main character is "laying his samurai sword down" upon a ZILF (Zombie I'd Like to Fuck) when he realizes that one of her nipples are showing. And in the middle of everything he keeps trying to sneak a peek at her exposed nipple because all things considered the zombie is pretty hot. So he precedes to dismember her while treating her like a brainless sex object.

Yes, yes, I know. There's clearly something wrong with me. I think we have already established that fact.

I did write something today that doesn't embarrass me though. I don't think at my main character can be considered a douche anymore. It turns out he has deep emotions and that he feels things. Those feels may not transfer across to his treatment of women, but at least I established that he's a character worth following.

Now as for me and my birthday revelations. I think that I'm going to try the drugs. Why not? What do I have to lose? I think that it makes it easy for me to make that choice knowing the my genetic makeup. I was never really judgemental about people who took drugs before. But I definitely considered it a flaw in their character. But what I failed to consider before was that we are not all uniformly made.

Knowing my genetic make-up has finally taught me that short of spending a lot of my day in meditation, there is nothing I could do to experience the same things that almost everyone else in the world experiences. I can barely exercise more than I already do. I could hardly eat healthier than I do. And there are no supplements on the market that will get me there (and on this topic, believe me, I have tried them all).

So there might be an evolutionary purpose for our genetic differences, but there was also an evolutionary purpose for premature babies dying at birth. Yet we don't think anything about saving their life. So yes, we were designed as a species so that some of us love too little and others love too much. We were designed so that some lived to age 14 and some to age 100. And as a species we were designed to be able to use our knowledge to overcome our design. Well, I'm using that option and seeing where it takes me.

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