Friday, November 5, 2010

Yesterday was my Favorite Day in Years!

Words: 1,768
Time: 11 - 11:45 & 12:30 - 1:30
Mood: Really Good
Impression: The best first chapter I could write

Yesterday was the best yesterday a celibate guy could have. But more on that later.

I finished chapter 1 today. It's not bad. Actually it's pretty good. I don't think that it as funny as Happiness thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement, but it will at least make the reader smile in spots. The goal was to set up the chief dilemma of the main character and explain the world where humans and zombies live together. And most importantly I ended the chapter on a page turner. That is my goal for every chapter. Let's see if it happens.

I also did something that I didn't expect. I created a driving force of... I don't know if it would be evil. I know that my obscurity between the good guys and the bad guys detracts from my story a little. I happen to love ambiguity. That is why I write complex situations. But I know that the most popular books makes it very clear who is the bad guys and who are the good guys. As I see it shaping out, the good guys might be the zombies. But the problem is that the zombies can't be good because if they win the human race loses. Wait, I just heard a reader deciding not to buy my zombie book. Oh well.

Now about yesterday. So, I was very happy with what I wrote yesterday. And my rule is that I can't check my email until my writing is done for the day. But when I did check my email, I found out that a reality show that I have been developing with my reality show developing partner is still being considered by a major production company and that I need to do some research for it. That's great!

After that I decided to go play racquetball late. Thursday nights are special because there is a person that I know that plays that night who is the only contact I have into the world of animated comedies. If you don't know, I wrote a few kid's books: Everybody Masturbates; Everybody Masturbates for Girls; and Everybody Has Those Thoughts So It Doesn't Mean You're Gay.

Immediately after writing the books I decided to write a South Park meets Veggie Tales animated comedy based on the books. This guy I play with is my only entrance into that world. After much convincing last night he agreed to read it, and he gave me the name of friend of his at MTV animation and told me that I could use his name. Success!

But wait there's more. So I come home and I'm preparing the email with the script in it, when I get another email for a writer from She is doing a story on guys that send pictures of their penis to others, and because I wrote: Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement, she wanted to use me as the expert. An hour after I got the email, she called me and we spoke for 10 minutes. God I love being an expert. :-)

I think that that was one of my favorite days in years... that didn't involve sex. Well, I guess if you take sex out of it, it was my best day ever. I love days when the potential for success it at it's greatest. Success is never as great as the build up, so yesterday was a perfect day.

I haven't decided if I will write tomorrow. I would prefer to finish this book as soon as I can, so I might put in 1,000 words or so.


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