Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have Chosen the Full Title for the Book... & I'm crazy

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So after a necessary break yesterday I was back to writing today. Yesterday I realized that I couldn't push off deciding what the main character did for a living. That took me a while and a lot of posts to Facebook friends. Then after that I realized that I needed to finalize the full name of the book. That was necessary because the subtitle mentions the How To section of the book. But I think that I've finalized it. The unofficial name is:

How To NOT Have Sex Like A Zombie: A 'Novel Guide' to the Best Sexual Positions, Multiple Orgasms and How To Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse.

Honestly, the title might be funnier than the book. When I was writing Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement, I knew it was funny. I was writing funny scenes. This isn't the case in this book. I feel like most of my energy is being put into writing action and developing characters. And that's fine but, I am a little concerned reviewers will penalize me for implying more humor than I am delivering.

As I think about it now, I think that I could write a much funnier book than what I'm writing. Unfortunately for me and my books sales, I have decided to write a deep book with humorous undertones.

You know, this is just hitting me now. What the fuck man! Why can't I ever just write something simple.

I guess this new surge of emotions is coming from the fact that the guy who edits my books got back to me yesterday about the book I wrote before "Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement" book. He told me that he thought the book was "good", and fine the way it was. But if I wanted to write a book that would really appeal to a lot of people, I should keep the moral that I expressed at the end of the book and shave out all of the complexity and SciFi type stuff. Apparently simple stories sell the most books.

Why can't I ever just do that? Why do I always feel the need to write complexity. Oh wait, I think I know why. I think it's because I want everyone to know just how smart I am. Of course I don't express to myself like that. What I say to myself is that 5000 people could probably tell the simple story. Why would anyone ever want to read my simple story. So to stand out, I need to write something that no one else could or would write... enter Everybody Masturbates.

Ok, here's the deal. The only reason why I'm writing this current book is because I was hoping to explore a topic that would cause all out stagnation in a person's life. And when I came up with the idea of having a zombie need to hide the fact that he was a zombie and how that secret stagnates his whole life, I decided to write the book. I guess that if I actually enjoyed writing I would have just written the funny book. But I need motivation to spend every morning for 2 or 3 months sitting in front of a computer. And I guess the truth is that that need for motivation is why I will ultimately fail. Hmmm, well that sucks. :-(

I think I need to go back up and change my "Mood:". Boy I sound depressed. Maybe what it is is that any review that doesn't imply that my work is great or brilliant I take as a failure. Man that sounds unhealthy when I type it out. I mean the editor just sent me an email and the subject is "Good Book" and a part of wants to curl up in a ball and hide under the covers.

My god, there really is something wrong with me. Hmmm...

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